Atkins Endulge Peppermint Patties, Dark Chocolate Covered

Naturally flavored. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 2 g net carbs (total carbs (23 g) - fiber (11 g) - erythritol (10 g) = 2 g Atkins net carbs). 1 g sugar. Rich in fiber. See nutrition info for sat fat content. 6 g of total fat. Contains a bioengineered food ingredient. New. Treat. No maltitol. What is the Hidden Sugar Effect? It's common knowledge that consuming foods with large amounts of sugar may cause your blood sugar to spike. But, did you know other types of carbohydrates may have the same effect on blood sugar? We call this the Hidden Sugar Effect. It's why a medium size bagel has the same impact on blood sugar as eating 8 teaspoons of sugar! (Based on glycemic load.) And that's just one example - many foods loaded with simple or refined carbs can have a similar impact on blood sugar. But at Atkins, we've designed all of our delicious bars, shakes, and treats to limit simple and refined carbohydrates to help minimize the Hidden Sugar Effect. Try all Atkins Meal, snack and treat products for any occasion. Find out more at To learn more about net carbs visit Paperboard packaging. Recyclable. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing.