Kishman’s IGA began in 1954. That’s when World War II veteran and Ohio State graduate George Kishman, along with his father-in-law Thomas Mairs, acquired the business. Since then they have served Minerva and surrounding communities with great products and superb customer service, growing year-by-year to serve generations with the best groceries, always serving the most local products. For his unwavering customer service, George received the highest honor IGA bestows – the National IGA Retailer of the Year in 1971. He was also very active in civic organizations, establishing the Kishman name as serving the community beyond the store.

George Kishman’s son, Tom and his wife Jan continued the business, serving the community by not only providing the best products but by continuing to serve as a solid center of the community, supporting local events, and investing in the community in sponsorships such as contributing funds for the Minerva athletic field. Tom was president of the Chamber of Commerce, and served in many other organizations. He was named IGA International Retailer of the Year in 1994.


Third generation Kishmans – Matt, Kristin and Tommy – have joined their father in continuing to grow Kishman’s – serving the community with the traditions of customer service established by their grandfather – while offering the newest innovations in products, technology and events that make Kishman’s more than a grocery store…it’s a destination!