McCormick Culinary Salad Supreme Seasoning, 24 oz

McCormick Culinary salad seasoning is a delicious addition to your restaurant or pizza shop. This product offers a pre-mixed blend of spices, poppy seeds and Romano cheese to please any palate. Have McCormick Culinary Salad Supreme Seasoning on hand at your salad bar so that your customers can sprinkle it on any salad they create. Salad supreme seasoning infuses excitement beyond salads. Mix in hamburgers, chicken, pasta salad and vegetables for a unique flavor profile and additional texture. Vegetable seasoning is fantastic on salads such as caesar, Greek, Waldorf, Cobb, Nicoise, wedge, chicken, dressed herring and leafy green mixes. Choose this exquisite blend of cheese, seeds and spices for its irresistible texture and flavor. The seeds in this vegetable seasoning add texture and color to your dishes, while the unique blend of spices lends rich and savory flavors. Every container of McCormick Culinary Salad Supreme Seasoning delivers the same great taste, and as the name suggests, this salad sprinkle is perfect for dressings and salads. Still, you can also use it for marinades and meat dishes. Looking for menu suggestions for McCormick Culinary Salad Supreme Seasoning? Try it on roasted green beans with balsamic glaze, traditional macaroni salad with grated carrots, onions and diced sweet peppers, or ravioli pasta salad with red and green peppers, Kalamata olives and Romano cheese. This product contains no added MSG, so you can feel comfortable serving McCormick Culinary salad sprinkle to guests. Explicitly sourced for chefs, this salad sprinkle blend comes in 24-ounce containers, perfect for bulk buying and professional use. Plus, you'll enjoy using this salad seasoning right out of the bottle — no preparation necessary.