McCormick Culinary Whole Celery Seed, 16 oz

Transform your chef-inspired dishes with McCormick Culinary Whole Celery Seed. Similar to fresh celery stalks, this seasoning will add a familiar warm, earthy and slightly bitter flavor and aroma. While often used to create brines and dressings, you'll discover that ground celery seed enhances the taste and texture of all kinds of appetizers, sides and entrees on your menu. Each 16-ounce container holds only the finest and freshest celery seeds for the best results. Each carefully sourced and selected seed is dried to preserve its flavor and aroma. Regardless of how you decide to use them, these celery seeds for cooking will deliver a consistent and perfectly-balanced taste in every bite. Culinary professionals will appreciate how well this celery seed spice fits into their spice and seasonings collection. The bulk size offers plenty of seasoning for back-of-house use. It comes ready to use, so you can start mixing up chef-inspired creations right away. Whether you prepare food in small quantities or make recipes in larger batches, this container features a dual-sided lid with sprinkling and measuring options, making it easy to dispense the perfect amount. McCormick Culinary Whole Celery Seed is a versatile ingredient that pairs well with many flavor profiles and can act as a salt substitute. Preparing a dressing, dip, sauce or brine? Add some celery seeds to emphasize its natural flavors. Commonly used when making pickles or paired with tomato dishes, potato salad and eggs, this seasoning is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Try mixing celery seed spice into coleslaw with cabbage, carrots, vinegar and mayonnaise for a zesty finish. It also offers a dash of flavor in macaroni salad, pasta salad and meatloaf. The distinct taste pairs well with the flavors of a traditional German potato salad with smoky bacon and onion. This celery seed is kosher, vegan and made with no added sodium, so you can feel good serving to your guests.