McCormick Culinary Rubbed Sage, 6 oz

Rubbed sage is essential in traditional stuffings as well as poultry and pork dishes. Its standout flavors make it an ingredient you'll want to keep stocked in your seasonings collection. With McCormick Culinary Rubbed Sage Leaves, delivering added depth of flavor to many items on your menu is easier than ever. To ensure this rubbed sage seasoning delivers an earthy, slightly peppery taste in every bite, the ingredients are carefully sourced from knowledgeable farmers. The leaves are then dried and ground into a fine consistency for an appealing, herby taste and highly aromatic experience customers will crave. This bulk-size rubbed sage is made especially with culinary professionals in mind. With 6 ounces per container, you'll have plenty of seasoning on hand to use as a substitute for fresh or ground sage. Rubbed sage is less concentrated than ground sage, preventing overwhelming flavors. Compared to fresh sage, rubbed sage is more potent, and chefs can use a smaller amount in dishes. McCormick Culinary Rubbed Sage comes ready to use. For your convenience, the container features a handle for easy transportation. Meanwhile, the wide-mouth lid makes it quick and simple to scoop out however much seasoning you need for recipes or dispensing into smaller containers. While flavorful, McCormick Culinary Rubbed Sage is an ideal ingredient to use in combination with other spices. Blend rubbed sage seasoning with paprika, rosemary, garlic powder and cayenne pepper for a dry rub for poultry or sprinkle this spice on top of vegetables. It enhances a range of dishes, from salad dressings to chowder. Use sage seasoning for cooking savory dishes, such as sausage and red rice or herb-rub roasted turkey. It also tastes exceptionally well when mixed into butternut squash and pear soup. With kosher ingredients and no added MSG, you can meet more guests' needs while delivering a bold, balanced flavor.