McCormick Culinary Ground Red Pepper, 16 oz

Ground red pepper adds a spicy flavor to a wide range of popular menu items. An essential spice for any kitchen, red pepper powder comes from the same pepper species as the cayenne pepper. McCormick Culinary Ground Red Pepper delivers consistent heat to sides and entrees and features a sharp aroma. The heat from red pepper is both a mouth and throat heat. Its sharp flavor combines with spicy, floral, hay-like notes to give it its characteristic flavor profile. Ground pepper is made from the ripened, dried fruit pod of one of the most pungent Capsicum peppers — the Capsicum frutescens plant. Hot red pepper powder is an essential ingredient in Indian, Caribbean, Italian and Mexican cooking. Frequently used to add zest to dishes, red pepper is crucial when seasoning pizza sauce, barbecued beef and pork, guacamole, croquettes, souffles, omelets, ceviche, tamales, vegetables, poultry, cottage and cream cheese, deviled eggs and seafood. You can add it to a Bloody Mary to create your own signature recipe or mix it into curries, spreads, dips, gravies, salad dressing, soups and chowders. When you want to add zesty flavor to your menu, try: Using ground red pepper to spice up your sauces; Sprinkling it in zesty Italian dressings or on omelets; Mixing it into signature curries and creamy dishes. McCormick Culinary Ground Red Pepper: Has an even consistency; Pairs well with various other spices; Is a multi-purpose ingredient; Is bright orange-red in color. This salt-free seasoning comes in large, 16-ounce containers that are perfect for professional use. The bottle features flat sides to allow for easy storage in your herb or spice collection, as well as a flip-top with more than one dispensing option. To extend the product's shelf life, fasten the container tightly and keep it in a cool, dry location.