Palirria Vine Leaves, Stuffed with Rice

Greek specialties. Sterilized. Suitable for vegetarians. Ready to serve. No preservatives. Traditional Greek recipe. Superior taste award. ITQI 2014: International Taste & Quality Institute - Brussels. Creating genuine Greek specialties is both exciting and motivating, that is why here in Palirria we are determined to improve your everyday habit of eating, and elevate it into something refreshing that stimulates your senses. Inspired by the belief that everyone should experience the healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, our skilled chefs prepare and offer you ready to eat meals, from the finest ingredients, utilizing recipes from various regions of Greece, in modern easy to use packaging. Our goal is to add in your daily meals some of the passion and flavours that is embodied in every product under the name Palirria. Euro cert. Certified quality system. Product of Greece.